7 paradise destinations in Vietnam

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Without going far from your country, just a little exploration, you will realize that Vietnam have many wildly palaces comparing to heaven. Once you came here, you just want time to stop for you to experience longer.

1. Ha Giang

In every season you can come to the north pole of country – Ha Giang to visit spectacular sceneries of this province. They are the straight way to blue sky, majestic terrace fields and the shape of country on maps. Truly Ha Giang is the unforgettable destination for its perfection.

Surrounded by the imposing mountains, the landscape with endless bendy ways is said to hide many secrets. On the top of mountains, you see in your eyes all the beautiful scene of this region: the huge valley of green terrace fields, rock plateau, slowly flowing rivers, simple small house on the mountain, seeking-food cattle … What a peaceful moment!

There are not only Dong Van rock plateau, Lung Cu flagstaff, Ma Li Peng pass, Nho Que river, Quan Ba twin mountain, Hoang Su Phi terrace field, fairy fields of triangle circuit in Ha Giang, but also unique market of the community of Black H’mong, White H’mong, Dao or Meo people… which is persevered over many generations. Moreover, the people in here are so optimistic that they wonder if sadness would ever get by.

2. Ly Son island

It seems that the compliments for Ly Son island (Quang Ngai province) always are phenomenal and it is so hard to describe in several words. If only you see by yourself the homely pure grandeur of one of the most sacred islands in the country, we might feel the beauty of this island.

The system of caves, rock bridge in Ly Son island are made by volcanic magma. They are imposing hundreds-meter high cliff of Cau cave on side of white sand with slightly wave, the old legendary national monuments – Hang pagoda, To Vo gate in shape of a rock bridge straight to ocean. Besides, An Binh island, often called Be island, is the island of pirates covered with hundreds meters high twisting ribbons of magma, in front of this, there is a blue clear beach – an ideal place for travellers to lay down and free their mind under the beautiful sunlight and slightly ocean wind.

3. Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan possesses pensive beauty of a white sand area, wind and sun. In Ninh Thuan, you can blend yourself into the natural, into the wave of Ca Na sea, Mui Dinh sea, Vinh Hinh bay, Ninh Chu bay or observe the mysterious charm of the Po Kong Garai tower – one of the most ancient relics of Champa kingdom. Moreover, tourists can visit famous textile villages of Cham people like My Nghiep village, enjoy the art of sculpture in the ceramic villages like Bau Truc village, freely entertain in the sand hill Nam Cuong, challenge yourself by trekking on Chua mountain or just take an adventure in immense lamb farms similar with the american west.

In here you also have changes to test delicious dishes like banh canh cha ca, banh can, banhxeo, grape honey, grape wine or banhtrangnuong … Ninh Thuan absolutely is a wonderful land for your quietness and for your relaxation to blend yourself into each rhythm of ocean wave.

4. Y Ty

Y Ty (Lao Cai province) is on the height of 2000 meters, kept against on the Nhiu Co San mountain with the top on the height of 2826 meters and cloudy surrounded all year. The sun just shines 12 hours a day. The way to Y Ty is the twisting way hidden into the dark forest with some sporadic houses. Therefore, when tourists come to here, they may feel that they have got lost in another world separated the Earth.

In the winter, this area impresses travellers by white cloud scenery of the flanks surrounded. And in the summer, the rain comes to provide more water for farmers to get their new cops started.

On the itinerary discovering Y Ty, you will find the Ha Nhi people’s houses on the terrace fields. They are made by soil so they will make the house cool in summer and warm in winter. This is also the typical house in Y Ty. Besides Ha Nhi people, there were also H’mong, Dao, Giay people who live in Y Ty. Each ethnic has own habits and this makes a colorful picture of the Bat Xat highland province. Severel suggested destinations for travellers: Phan Can Su, Hong Ngai, Lao Chai, Sim San

5. Binh Dinh

Binh Dinh lies along the south central coast of Vietnam with beautiful beaches, not only charming Queen beach but also other beaches like Bai Xep, Tan Thanh, Vinh Hoi … Along the coast, this province has also 32 different islands, most of them still are very tranquil and beautiful like Cu Lao Xanh, Hon Dat, Hon Tranh, Hon Rua … Especially in Eo Gio, Lo Dieu rock rapids or Ky Co beach , there are many wonderful sceneries with clearly pure water all the time.

Besides the abundant natural heritages, Binh Dinh is a province where the historic – cultural value converge together. This land has 7integrated towers, 52 relics of Cham culture. Especially, Banh It tower has been considered as “1001 architectural constructions must come in life” by a group of English writers.

6. Phu Yen

Being a coastal province in South Center, Phu Yen has three sides abutting with ocean and possesses an abundant system of rivers, island, and canals. This destination has many mysterious beautiful charming landscapes. The most unique one is Ganh Da Dia, an amazing tectonic of nature.

Moreover, Phu Yen also has the diverse natural resources, many historical – cultural relics and famous palace like: Xuan Dai bay, Bac Ho church, An Tho castle, Vung Ro, Luong Van Chanh tomb & temple, Nhan tower, Nui Thom ecotourism destinations…

7. Phu Quy island

Phu Quy is a small island located about 100 km from Phan Thiet city.  Phu Quy island has a hidden charming beauty with the clearly pure sea, the white foam waves, the white sand beaches along the green coconuts and it has “held back” many tourists over years. This land has not been exploited for tourism purpose so everything in here is still very rustic. The natural landscape of this island make you feel peaceful, tranquil and it is very appropriate for relaxation, to avoid the noise of busy cities.

Phu Quy island is about 120 kilometers far from Phan Thiet city, the first impression you will find in here is the quietness and the wonderful scenery without any prefessional tourism service. Perhaps because of this, Phu Quy island is becoming the most attractive destination for youngers who have passion in travelling.

This island has many beautiful landscapes like Cam mountain, Cao Cat mountain, Trieu Duong bay, Nho – Ganh Hang beach … and a lots of historic, cultural and religious relics like An Van Thanh pagoda, Linh Son pagoda, Linh Quang pagoda, Ban Tranh princess’s temple, Ba Chua temple, Thay tomb … When you are in Phu Quy island, you can test the famous unique crab with low price.

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