Hoi An Travel Guide For Fist Time Coming

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Have you ever been Vietnam? Is this your first time you’re coming to this beautiful country? Don’t worry. Hospitable and peaceful Hoi An will make your best first time ever. Wonderful scene, tranquil atmosphere, amazing food street and unforgettable experience will be your interesting story to your friends and relatives.

Hoi An Holidays

Historic Hoi An is a distinct and delightful town on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town’s name translates to “peaceful meeting place” and Hoi An is just that plus so much more. Tenaciously traditional in so many ways, Hoi An is packed full of historic sights to see and the city has retained much of its French-era charm. A culinary mecca with some of the best shopping in Vietnam, just a few minutes from town you’ll also find a stretch of long sandy beach that could make even the islands of Thailand jealous. 

Amazing view of Hoi An’s night life

Top Attractions » 

Much of the city’s charm is the atmosphere of the Old Town and by law, the Vietnamese government restricts motorcycle use and forces businesses to jangle lanterns from their facades in the area. With countless temples and tea houses, Old Town may be a sight to behold, but nothing is more photographed than the beautiful Japanese Covered Bridge. Noteworthy too are the traditional merchant homes, which to this day are still inhabited by descendants of Chinese traders. A day-trip to the impressive Cham ruins of My Son should also be added to your itinerary and so too should a sampan ride on the Thu Bon River. 

A corner of HoiAn Old Quarter in the evening

Eat and Drink »

Though not famous for being a drinking destination, Hoi An more than makes up for it by being an irresistibly tasty eating destination. Some Pho or Banh Mhi will always be within arm’s each in Hoi An but still save some tummy space for a trip to Bach Dang Street.  There you can grab yourself a Café Sua Da (Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and ice) from one of the stalls then walk along the Le Loi River and take your pick from one of the many food stalls and restaurants. Streets International is one in particular to seek out. Located at 17 Le Loi, the restaurant is an innovative social project that helps raise funds for local disadvantaged people.

Delicious street food in Hoi An

Where to Stay

The big choice you’ll have to make when deciding where to stay in Hoi An is whether you want to be close to the beach or close to town. If you’re visiting for shopping and site seeing then an in-town stay will save you some travel time and money and there are definitely no shortage of excellent hotels and guesthouses to choose from. For colonial era excellence and extravagance though, look no further than Cua Dai Beach. Luxury resorts including Victoria Hoi An, The Nam Hai Hoi An and Palm Garden Resort top the beachside options while Essence is the pick of the city hotels. Hoi An Chic Hotel and Vinh Hung 3 Hotel offer some of the best value stays in Hoi An, while those on a budget can really skimp and find something for as little as $20 a night.

Hotel in Hoi An’s Old Quarter

Shopping »

The local food market is the central visual treat for shoppers but the reality is that if you’re coming to Hoi An to shop, you’re unlikely to leave without getting something tailored. With over 500 tailors in town, it’s harder to not find a tailor than it is to find one and competition means that the resulting garments and prices are all of excellent quality. The average going price is US$50 for a suit fitted and delivered in about 24 hours and you can choose from a local design or literally turn up with a magazine clipping and have the style matched for a fraction of the designer price.

Hoi An souvenir shop

Hoi An Like a Local

Sampling local Vietnamese cuisine is reason enough for many to visit Hoi An. Your choices are endless so your best bet is to follow the locals down by the river to Bach Dang Street where you’ll find all manner of street sellers. A particular local favourite is Banh Bao, a white dumpling stuffed with an assortment of fillings. You’ll see Banh Bao being sold by men on bikes or from within silver pots outside bakeries. Banh Bao makes a great snack and you can really spend weeks sampling the varieties from different stores and still not have tried them all.

Enjoying Hoi An by bicycle is a wonderful experience. You can explore there yourself, feel the peaceful moment, buy anything you meet in the street, try the street food and take a morning coffee.

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