Quang Binh Tourism: The land of caves

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Quang Binh tourism is known as The land of Caves. This destination does not only have majestic mountains, beautiful landscapes, but also the system of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Son Doong Cave, Thien Duong cave …. that brings the most wonderful experience to tourists.

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Located in Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Phong Nha Cave is the most typical cave of esthetic value and uniqueness in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang World Heritage. It is considered as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The cave is 7,729m long, 83m deep, 50m high with many big and small cave branches. Outside of Phong Nha cave, along Son river, you can see a charming river, majestic mountains and beautiful forests. Into the cave, countless exotic images appear as an amazing picture of nature.

Phong Nha cave is a water cave with a large underground river system. However, there are some high and wide places where water can not flow, allowing visitors to stroll, admire the magnificence of many stalactites with the diversity of different colors, shapes and sizes. The weathering process of the Phong Nha cave has ocurred for over 250 million years that has created unique formations of rock with special shapes such as Lion, Unicorn, Royal palace or Statue Buddha…which satisfy the rich imagination of tourists when they travel Phong Nha – travel Quang Binh.


Thien Duong cave is a dry cave, with no underground rivers like Phong Nha. The cave was discovered in 2005, about 25km far from Phong Nha cave. Its entrance is narrow but when you are inside, the cave is 31.4 km long, from 30 to 100m wide, the widest place is more than 150m and the height from the bottom to the ceiling is about 60m. Thien Duong cave is an ancient Karst terrain, with the age of 350 to 400 million years. This cave is considered to be larger and longer than Phong Nha cave, stalactites here is also more diverse and more shaped. With magnificent, fanciful structure, Thien Duong Cave makes people who used to travel Quang Binh think about a heaven in globe. The magnificent beauty of the cave is revealed when the light shines on numerous fanciful stalactites. Especially in the cave there are images like cultural symbols of many regions in Vietnam. Deep in the cave, you can see many flexible stone fibers that looks like terraced fields or some shapes make you think about the symbol of wet rice civilization, another like Champa tower. They are all very splendid.


Son Doong Cave was discovered in 2009, with over 6 km long, 200 m high and 150 m wide. The cave is a part of an underground system connecting more than 150 other caves in Vietnam near the border with Laos. Son Doong Cave is considered as a magnificent, amazing picture with many strange-shaped stalactites. The structures here are greater than any human imagination. The geological scientists in the world identify that this is the most fantastic cave of the world.


In particular, in the middle of Son Doong cave where a part of roof collapsed many years ago, there is a wonderfull forest with sunlight shining from outside called Garden of Eden . Garden of Eden  is a large area surrounded by clusters of forest and many kinds of flora, fauna. It owns diverse ecosystems of the tropics, especially kinds of birthwort interlacing across the rocks. Located near the Garden of Eden is Pearl Cave. With its natural structure over thousands of years, the crystals of calcium have covered small grains of sand to form rare pearls. This collection of pearls is now dried, creating an unbelievably stunning landscape in the heart of Son Doong cave.


If you travel Quang Binh to visit water cave (Phong Nha), you should spend a little time visiting dry cave: Tien Son Cave. Tien Son Cave was discovered in 1935, located about 1000m far from Phong Nha cave, with 980m in length. The scenery in the cave looks like the heaven where you can see countless stalactites that are different in shape and color. The roof is high and airy, with many visible colors similar to gold and silver. The pillars of marble have a marvelous appearance that makes people ecstatic, as if they were stuck in a celestial palace or aquarium. In particular, Tien Son cave has resonating stone slabs and stone pillars, when tapping, it will emit strange sounds, such as sound of gongs, of drum coming out of the depth of the earth.


Toi Cave (Dark cave)

Dark cave was discovered by local residents in 1990. During the years of anti-American war, it was used as a shelter to avoid bombs and now become an attractive destination in Quang Binh. Dark cave has horizontal length of 5.558m, depth of 80m and height of 50m with very strange beauty. Although called dark cave but it is not dark inside. The light from outside shines into the cave, creates gold waves on cliffs, brings us a sparkling and lively picture. Because of this, many people compare Dark Cave as a miniature of Son Doong cave.


In the rainy season, the water level rises, which is a good condition for young mud to accumulate, form a large mud lake with enough necessary minerals for visitors  to relax. While relaxing, visitors can watch many stalactites  with variety of shapes and colors. The color of old stalactites have changed, some places are lemon-yellow, some are lime-white and the others are moss-green. In particular, Dark Cave possesses stalactites with parasitic ferns which is rare to see in another caves. According to scientists, these stalactites are traces from the period of strong movement of geology.

Thuy Cung Cave

Thuy Cung Cave is located in the middle of Sinh Ton Valley, surrounded by extremely majestic limestone mountains. In Thuy Cung cave, the water is gentle with amazing jade-blue. Sometimes it is green like the leaf buds of the forest, sometimes dark like the tinted leaves because of sunlight, sometimes dark as trees are falling into the darkness. The water usually changes from blue to green that lure visitors to come here when traveling Quang Binh. Before Thuy Cung Cave there is a small yellow sand beach. Deep into the cave, visitors can admire an underwater aquarium with colorful, sparkling stalactites, mystical lines and even long echoes when people call each other. You will be amazed by the beauty of nature, the magnificence and unique architecture of  Thuy Cung Cave.


Tu Lan Cave

Tu Lan Cave is located about 70 km northwest of Phong Nha, including 8 caves, was discovered in 2009. The system of Tu Lan cave is still wild and pristine, containing the secrets of nature about great limestone mountains, underground rivers and endless waterfalls. Tu Lan Cave has so high cave ceiling, the space inside changes unexpectedly: some places are hundreds of meters wide and gentle as a huge swimming pool, others are narrow with many slippery rocks. The cave wall has a lot of strange stalactites with various beautiful shapes. Visitors will encounter round pebbles, black slabs with artistic pattern, iridescent color like gold or glittering stalactites column like diamonds, which are the result of geological movement through millions of years. With the magical beauty of stalactites, the mystery of underground river and wild mountains, Tu Lan Cave will make you love it once you come to travel Quang Binh.


En Cave

With the length of more than 1.6 km, including 3 entrances and the ceiling is over 100m high, En Cave is considered as one of the world`s great caves by the National Geographic magazine. The unique charm of  En Cave is that in the color of the green river, the light from outside shining at the ceiling of the cave makes the scene more shimmering, fanciful. From the cave looking out to the northwest entrance you will see vast and lively view. En Cave has its own ecosystem and climate, with pristine forests and a beautiful river that gives visitors an unique experience.


Va Cave

Va Cave was discovered in 2012, just 400 meters far from Son Doong. It`s a double-cave, has a ferocious underground river and many stalactites. Hang Va has a length of only 1.7 km but scientists say it is more beautiful than Son Doong that is worth visiting if you travel Quang Binh. Va cave has a special stalactite system with about 1,000 stone columns which is very uniform. They are formed in an unusual way from the rising of water level in the lake, not from the top of the cave as usual. These stalactites are very precious, fragile and nearly do not exist in the world. This has created the uniqueness of Va Cave.


Quang Binh still has so many caves waiting to be discovered. But first of all, please accompany with Welcome Vietnam  Tours on the way  traveling Quang Binh to explore these caves.

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