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Tippings for travelling to Sapa

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For a long time, Sapa’s always a attractive destination to both foreign and Vietnamese tourists. Sapa town’s hidden in the misterious fog in the high mountain & hills, it all makes a romantic and charming marine painting. Welcome Vietnam Tours would like to send you some useful tippings for a wonderful trip to Sapa.

Best time to visit

You can travel to Sapa almost time in year because the landscape and weather in here are very amazing. It make you feel that Sapa is great at every seasons, every moments.

April to May: It’s sunny & dry in day, cold in night. It’s quite suitable for travelling, the season of flowers in Sapa, also the crop, when farmers go to terrace fileds every day to raise their rice and corn.

August to September: It’s very cool & fresh weather, also the harvest. The rice’s done and well grown. Every where in Sapa is full of lightly yellow.

November  to February: Time for great cold. That’d be nice for people who like snowing and pretty cold.


By bus: It will take you 5-7 hours to get to Sapa from Hanoi.

By train: You can make a tour to Sapa by night train. After a nice sleep on train, you’d be in Lao Cai station then get a bus or taxi to Sapa town (45mins).


In Sapa there are many hotels at every standard from 1 to 5 star for your suitable budget. You can reference more with Welcome Vietnam Tours.

Specialities in Sapa

Don’t miss trying these dishes when you are in Sapa.

Com lam: steamed rice in roasted bamboo.

Thit nuong, trung nuong: roasted pork, roasted egg… sold in many places in Sapa

Salmon, sturgeon: typical specialities in Sapa, very good for sashimi

Small boar, wild chicken, wild fish: you can try in every restaurants in town.

Thang co: a kind of hot pot made from horse meat.

Nuoc rau ngo: a sweet drink made from corn.

Destinations, famous places in Sapa

Notredame  Cathedral

Located in down town in 1895,  cathedral is considered as a unique relics of French architecture

Cat cat village

About 2km far from down town, Cat Cat village is the most ancient village of H’mong people. It’s where H’mong pepole live now and make the tradditional handicaft: silk, clothes, shoes…

Ham Rong mountain

About 3 km from town, at the top of the mountain, you can see panaroma of whole Sapa town, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa village, Ta Phin village …

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market is the biggest market of the borderal highland area. Held in every Sunday, the market’s attractive to many tourists and locals. It’s where monirity ethnic people buy & sell, exchange domestic goods

Several notes for you when travelling to Sapa

It will get colder in night in Sapa, so you should bring along your coast or hoodie. Sport shoes are recommended for you to be more convenient in moving and trekking.

You can enjoy shopping at night market closed to Notre Cathedral. Moreover, you can bargin with sellers for a better price.

Beer & soft drinks in Sapa normally is more expensive than in Hanoi or Saigon because of transportation surcharge.

Hope that you would help you to have an amazing tour in Sapa.

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