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7 great dishes in Saigon

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Cơm tám, hủ tiếu, bún thịt nướng, bánh mì or chè … are described  “ Must try “ by many foreign visitors when they are in Saigon.

Cơm tấm 


This dish’s often taken with spareribs, cucumbers, tomatoes and fried eggs then you’ll have the special spicy sauce prepared by the owner. If you don’t like pork, you can also use sausages or chicken instead. It costs you just 18.000 -25.000 VND ( 1 – 1,5 $ ) .

Hủ tiếu 


Normally eaten in the summer, Hủ tiếu has the noodle with small thin fiber, slightly cut pork, onions and one or tow small eggs. The price of this dish is 20.000 – 25.000 VND ( 1 – 1,5 $ ).

Lẩu thái chua cay 


Spicy sour thailand hotpot is very similar to Thai Hotpot but served in “ Saigon style”. The principal ingridientes are liquid, shrimps, clams and crabs …. Diners are recommanded  with vegetables and noodle. Each ration for 4-5 people costs about 250.000 VND ( 12 $ ).

Bún thịt nướng 


This dish’s mixed by many ingridientes : roasted meat, noodle, cucumber and peanut…. Eating this, diners mix it all then have a good meal themselves, fish saucee and chili sauce in addition. Its price’s 25.000 ( 1.5 $ ).

Bánh mì 


It’s considered to be the best street food in the world, the popular breakfast of Vietnamese and the people in Saigon. You can get this food every streets and everywhere in Saigon. Its price’s also very cheap, just 10.000-20.000 VND ( 0.5 – 1 $ ).

Chè Saigon 


Famous desert of Sagion’s an ideal drink of summer. It tastes sweet, cool and good. There are many favors for you to choice : black or red beans,  grapefruit …. Their prices are about 10.000 – 15.000 VND ( 0.5 – 0.8 $ ).

Spring rolls 


Each rolls included shrimps, beef, vegetables and eaten with  spicy peanut sauce. Each costs 10.000 vnd ( 0.5 $ )

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