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Amazing destination in Phu Quoc island

Posting date: 23-03-2016 - View: 1245


Also called the island of pearl, Phu Quoc island possess many beautiful places, amazing islands and deserted beaches. If you had a change to visit Phu Quoc island, it would be a pity that you would not visit following places:

Dinh Cau (Cau temple)

Cau Temple is the indispensable destination for travellers coming to Phu Quoc island because it’s very closed to every local people for a long time in the past. It’s a temple where every one come to pray for luck before going fishing in the huge ocean. Nowaday, besides, there’s a beautiful beach near Cau Temple for tourists to enjoy and relax. The night market’s where people come to try nice food and buy sourvenir in islands. 

Suoi Tranh (The stream of painting)

Coming to Phu Quoc island, you not only enjoy the beach but the stream. Suoi Tranh is a famous destination in Phu Quoc island with the amazing landscape, wonderful scenery and fresh air in weather of tropical forest. You can go fishing, swimming or discover the misterious caves at Suoi Tranh.


Bai Sao (Sao beach)

Sao beach is the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc island and very attractive to many tourists all around the world. Known as the deserted beach with white smooth sand, cool and clear sea, Sao beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beach in Vietnam. Therefore, it makes Sao beach dispensable destination in Phu Quoc.


Thom island

Being one of An Thoi archipelago, Thom island is very famous for its extremely clear sea, you can enjoy diving to see the colorful coral or learn about daily life of local people. Coming to Thom island, the most interesting thing you can do is discovery the ocean by diving, that’s why Thom island’s amazing to more and more people.


Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc

The newest tourism destination of Phu Quoc was built in 2014. Vinepearl Land Phu Quoc is where Miss World 2014 was held. With the system of 5* hotel and restaurant, entertainment, amazing games, here’s now the center of entertaining tourism in Phu Quoc island. You can enjoy both indoor and outdoor games. Moreovers, there’s a 27 hole golf course at international standard. Vinepearl Land Phu Quoc is now said to be the most perfect resort in Vietnam.



Ham Ninh fishing village

Here’s where you can enjoy fanstatic view of sunset & aurora on the sea. It provides you not only beautiful scenery but also the fresh seafood everyday directly captured by fishman. The most famous creature of Ham Ninh fishing village is spidercrab, they are bigger & more meaty than same kinds captured in other places.


Sim wine manufacture factory

Sim wine of Phu Quoc is famous for its unique favor. Sim is a kind of fruit, same look as grape, in the forest of this island, there are many sim. Local people in the past have been making their own wine from this fruit. Therefore, they often call it Phu Quoc wine because of its unique.


Ganh Dau apex

Ganh Dau apex is one of the most important destination of Phu Quoc although it’s not well-known as others. It’s attractive to foreign travellers because they can dive into sea to see the coral, enjoy clear cool water. Inspite of the wilderness, Ganh Dau apex brings you peaceful moment after tired days. You also can try seafood with very cheap price here.

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